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to the Google team in their copyright infringement victory in

Oracle America Inc. vs. Google, Inc.

 Oracle was seeking nearly $9 Billion for Google’s use of a small amount of Java language in building their Android platform to power smartphones.  In a previous trial, the judge ruled that Oracle’s code was not subject to copyright. Then the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversed his decision.  This retrial was to determine if Google’s use was Fair Use, and the jury returned a verdict in Google’s favor.

We are proud to have worked with the trial teams from

Keker and Van Nest

Robert Van Nest . Christa Anderson . Daniel Purcell . Eugene Paige

Matthias Kamber . Maya Karwande . Steven Ragland


King & Spalding

Bruce Baber


    Forbes Magazine recently published an article highlighting a mock trial we conducted for the ABA First Annual Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Mock Trial Institute.

    Upcoming Presentations and CLE

    In December, we are partnering with the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office to offer a CLE on Jurors and Law Enforcement: Data & Strategies.

    Then in February 2017, we are participating in a mock jury panel for the IADC midyear meeting in Arizona.